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Erika & Dale

Our Wedding Day

“When I look at this ring, it is a reminder of how much we have been through together to be here. The 7,860 miles that used to be between us. The excruciating long countdowns. The birthdays, anniversaries, big moments in our lives we couldn't physically be there for each other because of the distance. The effort we put into making us work despite the challenges. The time spent waking up ridiculously early or sleeping at abnormal hours of the night just to talk to each other. The memories we have made seeing the world together, not ever having a doubt in our mind we couldn't be together despite the circumstances. I left my life in America with no hesitation because I knew being with Dale was exactly where I needed to be.” –Erika

When we first got engaged, we had no idea where to begin with the wedding planning. The only thing we knew was that we wanted to get married in the same beautiful country Dale got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever. Bali, Indonesia will always have a special place in our heart! We found a few venues, but none of them felt like “the one”. That is until we came across Kamaya Bali. The location was absolutely perfect on a clifftop overlooking the Indian Ocean during sunset and since we wanted to have an intimate wedding with just close friends and family who were traveling from all corners of the world to be with us to celebrate our special day, the privacy of the venue was everything we needed plus more. Despite the fact we live in Melbourne, Australia and were planning an overseas destination wedding, since day one the communication between us and Kamaya Bali has been seamless. Vera created a group chat for us to plan our dream wedding with our vendors via Whatsapp and we felt so confident and at ease throughout the entire process.

In March 2019, we decided to visit Kamaya Bali for the first time to finalize plans. Wow, we were blown away. The venue looked stunning in photographs, but in person we were speechless and knew this was exactly where we wanted to start our journey as husband and wife. We were greeted with the amazing staff who treated us like royalty for our taste testing experience to

choose the food we wanted to have on our wedding day. We weren't expecting to be treated like a king and queen while we tried over 25 delicious gourmet dishes with our own private waiter! Needless to say, our wedding day on August 24, 2019 was beyond magical. From the stunning decorations, flower arrangements, fairy lights, fireworks, and photographs displayed of our adventures together. Traveling has always been a big part of our relationship and Kamaya Bali made sure to personalize our wedding to reflect our love for traveling with details such as paper airplanes as place cards, table seating arrangements decorated as a passport and a welcome sign that read, “Love is a Journey” with a map of the world and globes. We were even pampered when getting ready! I was in awe of the stunning bath filled with red rose petals and Angel helped make sure I had everything I needed before walking down the aisle. Our wedding day was so organized with staff members in every direction making sure our day ran smoothly from beginning to end. We cannot be happier with our unforgettable day and want to thank the team at Kamaya Bali for their excellent service and making our wedding extra memorable. This past year we have spoken to them more than we have communicated with our own friends and family! There has been no hesitation in fulfilling any of our requests and we cannot thank you enough for making our fairytale dream wedding become a reality. We do not just see the team at

Kamaya Bali as people we hired for our wedding, but people we now consider to be lifelong friends. Terima kasih!



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