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Is Bali Safe from the Coronavirus?

As one of the most popular tourist destinations, Bali got averagely 6-millions tourists from overseas for the last two years. With such high exposure to foreign tourists coming in since the Coronavirus outbreak up till now and later, you might be wondering how safe it is to visit now and in the future. The facts below might surprise you.

Current Coronavirus situation in Bali

Since the Coronavirus outbreak started in China late November 2019 up to early February 2020, the statistic showed at least a quarter-million of Chinese tourists came to Bali for holiday, together with 400.000 other foreign visitors – all in conservative figures. Though all overseas air and sea travel from and to Bali had been banned until the earliest 1st June 2020, not to mention, it is very much likely there would be a significant number of COVID-19 cases in this small island due to this pandemic.

Months later in May, only four death cases were reported in Bali, along with 371 confirmed and 276 recovered cases. Compared to 17,514 confirmed COVID-19 cases throughout Indonesia, this number – for a small island with such big exposure – is small. This article released on 9th May mentioned Bali’s recovery rate for COVID-19 patients reached up to 65%, which is the highest in Indonesia and higher than the world's average number of 33%.

This number, certainly, keeps changing from time to time and there are still many other variables involved, including the possibility of undetected cases. But, to check out the related facts supporting this data, this article disclosed that, there have been reports neither about increasing numbers of cremations nor the overflow of patients in the hospitals and hardly any talks on the (social) media about the people falling ill with COVID-19 symptoms. In short, Bali does not likely to have the spike it's supposed to have. So, what’s happening here?

Covid 19


Some opinions and speculations are thrown all over the floor to explain these surprising facts, including from the spiritual point of view. Some would say that, as the Island of Gods, Bali has the spiritual forces guarding over Bali; or invisible immunity fighting for this invisible enemy of the Coronavirus; or due to the good karma of the people on this island.

However, trying to stick to the science and logical explanation, we might be able to expect that the immune system responding to the Coronavirus is working significantly better in Bali, therefore it may have already reached a higher degree of herd immunity towards this virus than any other parts of the world. Therefore, you might want to come to Bali to build your immune system, too!

The practice of WHO’s cleaning guidelines in Bali

In Kamaya Bali, corcerning COVID-19, we always make sure to clean and disinfectant our spaces regularly according to WHO’s cleaning guideline and standard, including to promote the regular and thoroughly hand-washing for all the people accessing Kamaya and to maintain the physical distancing with one another.

In these ways, we hope to reduce the chances of being infected or spreading COVID-19 in Bali, and finally to keep you safe during your visit and events in Kamaya Bali.

We hope to see you soon in Bali!