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5 Reasons Why Bali Wedding Remains as The Top Wedding Destination in The World

For decades, countless couples from around the world have picked Bali as their wedding destination for many reasons. If you can take your mind go back to the wild dreams of the little version of you, you might be thinking of having a perfect wedding with any story you could imagine: with a white horse running along the coast line, a fairytale wedding in a glass chapel overlooking the ocean, or even underwater with the dancing mermaids! What will you do if Bali can really make all your dream weddings come true? Here are some reasons why Bali remains as the top wedding destination in the world.

Tropical island of paradise

Bali island is beyond blessed with all nature it deserves: the white and black sand beaches with sparkling and warm ocean water, the cool natural lakes over 1,000 meters above sea level, the lush jungle by the side of the river streams, active volcanoes and limestone cliffs, and you name it. Imagining yourself stepping into one of those breathtaking landscapes with a lovely wedding dress you’ve always dreamed of, it is when your dream wedding coming true in this tropical island of paradise.

Magical sunset and sunrise

Some people say, each sunset and sunrise are different in each place, but they bring the same thing: a new hope – one of the most valuable things we should hold on to start another chapter. Presenting the best sunset and sunrise around the island, Bali is not only an astonishing island, but also a doorway of hope to turn a dream into reality, including in a marriage life.

The island full of blessings

The relaxing scents of the incense welcome you upon arrival to this Island of the Gods, along with the calming musical Balinese gamelan instruments in the crowd of smiling faces. For centuries, Balinese people believe in numerous Gods representing different aspects of life, including love. Reflected in the authentic temples and stunning chapels you can discover around the island, all these Gods pour their blessings upon Bali, making the island full of blessings.

Inspired by Kamajaya and Kamaratih, the God and Goddess of marriage who constantly love each other, one of the wedding venues in Bali, Kamaya Uluwatu Bali was carefully built with various symbols representing infinite love and blessings. With all the luxuries and stunning views it could offer, it is definitely one of the amazing spots you should check out if you plan to have a Bali cliff wedding.

It’s all about balance

Balinese people have the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana, which is the universal concept about harmonious relationship with God, natural surroundings, and human beings – it’s all about balance. Seeing how they live this way will remind you to slow down and question about what matter the most, including your personal relationships.

In an intimate and private wedding in Bali, you can share this very joyous moment with your loved ones to make them feel the same happiness as you do. After the party, you can spare some moments together in Bali, like for some cups of coffee, a short trip around Bali, a day at the spa, or an adventure to the nature. It will definitely be a remarkable wedding ever, not only for you but also for your invitees.

A developed island

The last but not the least, Bali has been developed really well due to tourism industry in this island. Due to the rapid rise of wedding demands, many reputable wedding business and venue have shown up in the last decade, making it easier to arrange a wedding in Bali, including to find a Bali wedding planners, Bali wedding villa, Bali wedding package, Bali wedding cost, etc. – therefore you don’t have to worry about planning a wedding in a foreign country you’re not familiar at all, as this island makes it very easy for you.

In conclusion, Bali definitely deserves the title of a top wedding destination in the world. Getting married in Bali is one of the best things can happen in one’s life.