Kim Kurniawan and Elisa Testimonial

Kim Kurniawan & Elisa

 Hello, it’s me Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan and.. Aku Elisa Novia. The first time we came to Kamaya, to search for wedding location with direct venue that we want to get married here in this beautiful surrounding, this beautiful location. And now, it’s today, so the celebrations were phenomenal. The weather was a bit a bit tricky, but the blessing was amazing and also the ceremony here now. With the dinner, everything, everything was perfect. The food was very good. The service was on point and the other staff is super super friendly So, thank you Kamaya for making our dream come true. Ya, Pokoknya dari pertama kali aku datang ke sini, dari semua tempat yang aku datangin aku paling suka Kamaya. Dan makanannya ter-the best menurut aku. Dan semua ramah-ramah di sini sangat helpful banget. Thank you Kamaya! 


Kim Kurniawan & Elisa

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