Kamaya Bali

Kamaya’s name is derived from two Sanskrit words combined as one. Kama meaning “ love “ and Maya “ invisible blessing ” extending a magical blessing to couples who affirm their love in Kamaya. 

The name of Kamaya also is inspired by Kamajaya and Kamaratih, God and Goddess of marriage. The divine lovers Kamajaya and Kamaratih, fell upon the earth into the realm of human beings. Frequently incarnated as two lovers, constantly searching for each other on earth, this mythical union between Kamaratih and Kamajaya is expressed as love. 

Kamaya Bali is blessed by the Gods and is guarded by the Goddess of the south seas and the God of Nusa Penida. With that blessing, there also comes an obligation to honor this special place. This union is also physically manifested and represented in front of the chapel by the cliff with the two stone figures of Dalem Ped and Dalem Segara floating on the pond - the God of Nusa Penida and the Queen of the Indian ocean. 

Kamaya’s unique octagonally shaped chapel known as Kamaratih is a nurturing space welcoming couples from all denominations. The octagonal shape is representative of the sacred Mandala and symbolizes renewal and infinity. The wedding couple stands upon glass above crystals embedded with the original sand of Uluwatu and surrounded by a heart-shaped bead of rose quartz crystals giving a sense of renewal and blessing from this special place charged with positive energy.

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365 days Stunning Sunset view
Clifftop venue above Uluwatu's surf break
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For every beautiful image you envision of your dream wedding, whether it’s an intimate celebration for two or a lavish grand reception, Kamaya Bali’s team ensures a flawless procession such an occasion deserves.