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Bali Wedding Venue in Kamaya

A Luxury Clifftop Weddings in Uluwatu, Bali, allowing The Best moments of your Bali Wedding Experience to unfold in the most magical blessing for couples who affirm their love in Kamaya. Magnificent views on the tropical location of the Indian ocean that will take your breath away.

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Kamaya Bali Wedding Venues

A Luxury Clifftop Weddings venues in Uluwatu, Bali featuring magnificent Sunset views, Exclusive Bali weddings in Kamaya Bali, provides a remarkable destination for a dramatic sunset wedding ceremony and celebrations. Turn your dreams wedding into a reality at the Kamaya Bali.

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Bali Wedding Venue in Uluwatu

Walking down the isle in the exotic Island of Gods might be your dream coming true. If you are looking for a dramatic wedding venues in Bali with a majestic clifftop seascape overviewing the magnificent sunset under the clear blue sky of Bali, then Kamaya Bali wedding venues in Uluwatu offers more than just a space. Originating from two Sanskrit words of "Kama" which means "love", and "Maya" which means "invisible blessings", Kamaya Wedding venues in Uluwatu, Bali is inspired by legend love story of Kamajaya and Kamaratih, the God and Goddess of marriage who constantly love each other. Built carefully with a great deal of symbol representing infinite love and blessings, Kamaya Bali wedding venues is undoubtedly a perfect place to celebrate your romantic wedding in Bali. With a 180 degrees clifftop view of Indian Ocean, share your magical moments in an intimate wedding party in our private and exclusive Bali wedding venues in Uluwatu. Choose any venue to suit your needs and preference in Kamaya Bali luxury weddings venues, either a breathtaking glass chapel, a lush tropical garden, an octagonal floating water stage on the edge of the cliff, or a wooden gazebo floating above a lovely lotus pond. Our team in Kamaya Weddings venues in Uluwatu, Bali is close at hand to make your dream come true.

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We have so many treasured memories of our client's weddings at Kamaya Bali Wedding Venue in Uluwatu. We welcome you to take a look and read their stories – feel that special day.

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We will work seamlessly with you, the cherished bride, to ensure that you have a perfect day. Here is what they say about us.

Hello, it’s me Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan and.

~ Kim Kurniawan & Elisa

When we first got engaged, we had no idea where to begin with the wedding planning.

~ Erika & Dale